sweet, splendid summer

Ah, summer.

Hands down, summer is my most favorite season. Let me tell you why:
  • Hot weather (I'm weird; I like being hot)
  • Long days
  • Lightning bugs (Okay, we don't have them in South Florida - does anyone know why? - but I still like the idea of them)
  • My birthday
  • The 4th of July (the best non-religious holiday!)
  • Cookouts! (and cookout FOOD!)
  • Berries!
  • That everyone feels somewhat obligated to go to the pool and/or beach on a regular basis
  • The thought of road trip vacations
  • That it stays hot enough to sit on the porch after dark
  • That Glee reruns will still be coming on every week
  • And lots of other reasons
In my head, summer looks something like this:

Porch swing, big pillows, breezy afternoon... ah...

But really, my summers look a little more like this:

Slip n' slide, muddy kiddos, long afternoons... AHH...

Either way, it's good stuff. So, in honor of my favorite season, I've decided I'm going to stage a valiant effort to return to the blogosphere. I think I'll try to share something about each one of my favorite aspects of summer in the coming weeks. Get excited.

First up? Summer cookout food. Be on the lookout for my current faves in the next couple of days!

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