step 2: dust off the sewing machine

Seeing as how I eventually want to sell handmade goods, I consider it in my best interest to learn to make um... handmade goods. So, that means dusting off the old sewing machine (my mom would be so proud).

Luckily, I've thought about this a lot. I mean a lot, a lot. I have piles and piles of fabric and stacks and stacks of patterns and books. That counts for something, right? Usually, the projects I buy supplies for are too advanced for my skill level, and nothing that would improve my skill level takes precedence over the other 89 things I have to do on a given day. So, the ol' machine has gotten dusty.

Well, thank goodness for Halloween. Having your little darling all decked out in a mommy-made creation for the big day is quite a motivator, and thankfully, the one-time use nature of said creation takes a lot of the pressure off. Turns out, Kate's Halloween costume this year was the perfect opportunity to bust out the sewing machine and give it a whirl.

Makeshift sewing setup in the living room. Not bad, eh?

Kate wanted to be Minnie Mouse (well Mickey, really, but as her style consultant, I advised Minnie). We have a Minnie Mouse doll that served as all the inspiration I needed, and luckily, MuMu (that's my mom) found the perfect Minnie fabric. I found perfect, EASY instructions for a skirt on Oliver + S . I added a big white button (an extra from an old coat, I think) to a $3.50 pink T-shirt I picked up. A black headband, fun foam and more of the fabric made perfect ears (the bow was ad-libbed and stuffed with tissues). More fun foam for shoe covers, and a little black paint on her nose finished it off.

Let's be honest - she'd be cute in anything!

Truth be told, the whole process took WAY longer than it should have. Regardless, we'll call it a success. The sewing machine still works, I can, in fact, sew a straight line, and now I know I can make a cute skirt for Kate if I ever get around to setting up the darn machine in the living room again!

Next step: learn to blog in a timely manner!

The original homemade Halloween costume: the pumpkin. Mom made it for me in '83, Hunter wore it in '85, Kate in '07, and now Jake in '09.
Happy Halloween!

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